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Three bent wood hooks with bone barbs lashed on with bark. The hooks have the remains of sinew leaders on the lower arm. A) B) are halibut hooks, C) is a cod hook.; Good.


Exhibited: A-C were loaned to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby in 'Smoking Coasts and Ice-bound Seas, Cook's Voyage to the Arctic' Feb- November 2008.Sarah Stones illustration (Sketchbook II:42), which could depict one of 1922.953 A-B (see Kaeppler (2011) above), also appears in Force Force Art and Artefacts of the 18th Century: Objects in the Leverian Museum As Painted by Sarah Stone (1968:161).Exhibited: On loan to 'Ships, Clock Stars: the Quest for Longitude', at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, 11 July 2014- 4 January 2015; Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC: April 2015 September 2015; Adler Planetarium, Chicago: November 2015 March 2016; Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney: Nov 2016 March 2017

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