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Wooden slat body armour which has been painted and has small faces carved in a line round its middle. The slats are bound together with string-like binding; Good.
Additional description: Armour consists of curved front and back pieces, each with an upper flap. Rear piece is shorter, but curves into a tongue shape at centre. Body sections secured together with four horizontal bands of lashing. Flaps secured with two bands of lashing. Front and back body sections decorated with a row of carved heads. The two flaps have a single head at centre of each. Armour also painted with geometric shapes. (J. Tanner, 1999).


Exhibited: On display in the exhibition Gifts Discoveries in the LKS gallery, between May 25 2012 and February 18 2013.Exhibited: On display in the Northwest Coast wall case on top of the wooden chest, Maudsley Gallery from 1990-2009. R.Hand, 2006'Noted by Adrienne Kaeppler, in James Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific, 2009, p. 242 as 'Chugach (?)'Exhibited: On loan to 'Arctic Ambitions: Captain Cook and the Northwest Passage', at the Anchorage Museum, Alaska, 27 March- 7 September 2015; and the Washington State Historical Museum Tacoma/Seattle 16 October- 10 January 2016

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