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Power figure (nkisi nkondi). Standing male figure (part a) with left arm down at side with hand positioned to hold something, his right arm raised with fingers curled to grasp a spear (part b). The figure has inset glass eyes with painted white pupils. The face is carved with an open mouth with bowed lips, a triangular nose, and large ears. The hair is striped black and orange-brown, and wrapped at the hairline with a plaited fabric band. The body is covered with rusted nails and small triangular metal blades. Strips of fabric are wound throughout the nails, with some bone fragments included. Attached to the chest and abdomen, one above the other, are two rectangular glass-front boxes containing plant fibres and other materials. The glass is covered by grey clay with inset small red beads, leaving a small circular area through which to view its contents, and is wrapped in twine. The figure stands on a rounded rectangular wood base with a large piece missing. The wooden spear has a cylindrical shaft and triangular tip, all carved from a single piece of wood.


Purchased by the donor in 2005 in France, from a market stall on Île de Ré. The seller said he was from Zaire (D.R. of the Congo).

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