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Polychrome Water Jar (Tai-lai)04.297.5244
Polychrome Jar (Tai-lai)04.297.5255
Water Jar03.325.4751
Food Bowl (I-to-nak-kia-sa-lai)04.297.5266
Decorated Bowl01.1535.2184
Jar Drum (Tai-pai-ham)03.325.3568
Jar Drum (Tai-pai-hau-nai) from the Blue Corn Society04.297.5281
Water Jar03.325.4734
Bowl (I-to-nak-kia-sa-lai)04.297.5265
Water Jar03.325.4755
Canteen (Mai-hai-to)04.297.5271
Polychrome Jar (Tai-lai)04.297.5256
Coiled Ware Jar with handle03.325.4724
Figure of a Navajo04.297.5301
Food Bowl (I-to-nak-kia-sa-lai)04.297.5298
Figure of a Navajo04.297.5302
Decorated Water Bottle03.325.4757
Chicken Vessel01.1535.2189
Water Jar or Bowl08.491.8969
Duck VesselX949.4
Goat or Cow VesselX949.11
Antelope VesselX949.12