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Snowshoes (Pair)19/637 B
Snowshoes (Pair)19/637 A
Belt16/336 C
Legging16/336 A
Arrow With Iron Barb19/1169 F
Shaman's Wand19/1216
Octopus Bag2017-15/1
Arrow With Iron Barb19/1169 B
Loom Upright19/597 B
Loom Upright19/597 A
Box, Brown Bear19/1285
Grease Dish19/1284
Rattle, Dancing19/1277
Rattle, Shaman's, Crane19/1276
Totem Pole19/1272
Totem Pole19/1271
Tent Pole, Carved19/1270
Tent Pole, Carved19/1269
Tent Pole, Carved19/1268
Tent Pole, Carved19/1267
Dish, Humming Bird19/1263
Mess Dish, Depicts Whale19/1258
Box With Lid And Cover, Whale19/1256
Wand, Shaman's Dancing19/1254
Dish, Eagle19/1249
Dish, Beaver19/1245
Tray, Feast19/1244
Tray, Feast19/1243
Tray, Feast, Beaver19/1242
Tray, Feast, Eagle19/1241
Bowl, Feast, Bear19/1239
Box, Bear19/1238
Box, Clothes, With Lid19/1235
Box, Seal19/1233
Box, Bear19/1232
Box With Lid19/1231 *
Box, Crow19/1231
Wand, Shaman's19/1228
Wand, Land Otter19/1227
Wand, Shaman's19/1225
Wand, Shaman's19/1224
Wand, Shaman's19/1219
Wand, Shaman's Medicine19/1218
Wand, Shaman's, Bow19/1212
Wand, Shaman's, Spirit Knife19/1210
Wand, Shaman's19/1209
Wand, Land Otter19/1208
Wand, Shaman's19/1200
Box, Whale19/1199
Drum, Shaman's19/1195
Cord, Plaited19/1181
Snare19/1178 *
Club Or Wand, Spirit19/1161
Fishhooks, Tied (4)19/1160
Halibut Hook, Carved19/1155
Halibut Hook, Eagle19/1154
Halibut Hook, Shark, Devil19/1153
Halibut Hook, Carved19/1152
Halibut Hook, Land Otter19/1151
Halibut Hook, Carved19/1150
F LOA T19/1136
Mess Dish, Carved19/1134
Bending Implement, Carved19/1133
Spoon Mold (2 Pieces) With Spoon19/1132
Spoon, Carved Handle19/1127
Handle, Mosquito, Otter19/1122
Spoon, Carved Handle19/1121
Spoon, Head19/1120
Spoon, Head19/1119
Spoon, Shaman, Otter19/1118
Spoon, Crane19/1117
Spoon, Crane19/1116
Spoon, Inlaid19/1115
Spoon, Carved19/1112
Spoon, Carved19/1111
Spoon Or Ladle, Carved19/1110
Spoon Or Ladle, Crow19/1109
Spoon Or Ladle, Crow19/1108
Spoon, Eagle, Bear19/1103
Box, Whale19/1099
Box, Crows19/1097
Mess Dish, Eagle19/1096
Spoon, Eagle19/1095
Spoon Or Ladle, Carved19/1093
Spoon Or Ladle, Fish19/1092
Spoon Or Ladle, Dog Fish19/1089
Mess Dish, Brown Bear19/1086
Mess Dish, Bear19/1085
Dish, Beaver19/1084
Mess Dish, Bear19/1083
Spoon, Soapollihi19/1076
Spoon, Soapollihi, Eagle19/1075