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Box, Whale19/1074
Case, Paint Brushes19/1070
Mess Dish, Humming Bird19/1049
Blanket, Shaman's Dance19/1045
Mess Dish, Eagle19/1029
Mess Dish, Humming Bird19/1027
Dish, Crow19/1026
Mess Dish, Owl19/1025
Mess Dish, Bear19/1024
Crown, Shaman's19/1010
Tub, Bear19/1008
Mess Dish, Carved19/1007
Dish, Beaver19/1006
Hat, Shaman's, Dancing19/1001
Hat, Chief's, Crow19/1000
Mask, Signifying Death19/994
Headdress, Shaman's Dancing19/975
Mess Dish, War Canoe19/964
Mess Dish19/963
Bowl, Sea Lion19/961
Mess Dish, Bear And Eagle19/960
Grease Dish, Bat19/956
Grease Dish19/955
Mess Dish, Beaver19/954
Dish, Beaver19/953
Dish, Eagle's Tail Spread19/952
Box, Crab19/950
Dish, Dead Man19/949
Mess Dish, Beaver19/945
Mess Dish, Brown Bear19/944
Box, Brown Bear19/943
Dish, Sculpion19/940
Headdress, Shaman's19/916
Mask, Stick Indian19/859
Mask, Kush Tar Kar19/855
Mask, Kaot On19/850
Rattle, Dancing19/837
Rattle, Shaman's, Sculpin19/827
Rattle, Shaman's, Spirit19/826
Rattle, Shaman's, Spirit19/825
Rattle, Shaman's19/823
Rattle, Shaman's, Spirit19/816
Rattle, Chief's, Unfinished19/814
Rattle, Shaman's19/813
Rattle, Shaman's19/812
Rattle, Shaman's, Crane19/811
Rattle, Chief's19/800
Staff, Dancing, Chief's19/792
Stick, Dancing, Chief's19/791
Staff, Dancing, Chief's19/790
P IP E, Crow19/784
P IP E, Depicts Worm19/779
Hair Ornament19/752
Hair Ornament19/751
Hair Ornament19/750
Hair Ornament19/749
Tool, Carving, Carved19/740
Tool, Carving19/735
Tool, Carving, Carved19/734
Tool, Carving, Carved19/733
Tool, Carving, Carved19/732
Knife, Carving19/731
Knife, Fighting19/718
Knife, Fighting19/715
Grease Dish, Ornamented19/694
Grease Dish19/693
Grease Dish19/692
Grease Dish19/691
P IP E, Raven19/678
P IP E, Devil Fish19/676
P IP E, Wolf Head19/674
Awl Or Pricker19/666
Carving, Shaman's Necklace19/664
Sheath, Point Carving19/663
War Club19/660
Arrow Head, Bird19/659
Arrow Head, Bird19/658
Arrow Head, Bird19/657
Arrow Barb For Game19/656
Arrow Barb For Game19/655
Arrow Barb For Game19/654
Arrow Barb For Game19/653
Collar, Fighting19/646
Helmet, Fighting19/645
Helmet, Fighting19/643
Walking Staff19/639
Walking Staff19/638
Earrings (3)19/629
Box, Snuff19/628
Handle, Bear Man19/624
Gauge, Gambling Stick19/623
Box, Snuff, Part19/619
Spear Head, Salmon, Etc19/613
Spear Head, Salmon, Seal19/612