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Boy's Pants2015.57.18
Boy's Vest2015.57.17
Tobacco Bag2015.57.15
Pipe Bag2015.57.14
Pipe Bag2015.57.13
Braid Holders2015.57.12a,b
Tobacco Bag2015.57.11
Man's Cuffs2015.57.10a,b
Woman's Leggings2015.57.8a,b
Strike-a-Light Pouch2015.57.5
Awl and Awl Case2015.57.4a,b
Pipe Bag2015.57.1
Ullagait Anateng (They Approach the Mother Being) Spirit Mask2015.56.1
Eagle Medicine Bundle2015.54.1a-c
Ravenstail Leggings2015.53.1a,b
Beyond the Edge (Coast Salish Spindle Whorl Design)2015.52.1
Title Page and Table of Contents, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.17
Jackal and Hyena, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.16
Antbear and Acacia Tree, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.15
King of the Monsters, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.14
Gods of the Warm, Cold, Middle, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.13
Remembering II, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.12
Remembering I, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.11
Trickster Hare and Lion, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.10
Tortoise with Ostrich, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.9
Birds and Women Eating Sour Berries, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.8
Mothers and Babies under Euphorbia Tree, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.7
Locust with Bushman Potato (Qare), from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.6
Jujubu and Nxam Veldfood, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.5
Stories from Within, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.4
Culture Speak, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.3
The Trickster II, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.2
The Trickster I, from the portfolio The Trickster2015.51.1
To Be Pueblo II2015.50.1a-f
Clay Figure, from Tourniquet Series2015.49.1
Cabin Liner2014.151.3
Non-traditional Women's Shoes2014.151.2a,b
Boy's Vest and Pants2014.151.1a,b
The American Dream Again2014.150.1
Two Dollars2014.149.1