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Earrings (Pair)E/508 B
Awl, Woman'sE/2039
Box, Grave, Side, Whale, Bear19/1260
Flute, Carved19/1194
Charm, Shaman's, Land Otter19/1187
Paint Bag And Brush19/1060
Hair Ornament19/1033
Bead, Work Ornament19/1032
Hair Ornament19/1031
Horn, Shaman's Crown19/1021
Grease Dish, Owl19/962
Mask, Moon19/861
P IP E, Bat19/775
P IP E, Wolf Head19/748
Knife Handle, Fighting19/728
P IP E, Whale19/722
Knife, Fighting19/716
P IP E, Fresh Water Lake19/675
P IP E, Raven19/673
Gambling Toggles (4)19/651
Trap Stick, Marmot19/567
Trap Stick, Carved Head19/566
Trap Stick, Eagle Eating19/565
Trap Stick, Carved19/564
Trap Stick, Fish19/563
Trap Stick, Ground Hog19/562
Trap Stick, Stick Indian19/561
Charm, Shaman's, Neck19/479
Charm, Shaman's19/462
Charm, Shaman's19/461
Powder Charger, Or Cap Charger19/430
Powder Charger, Or Cap Charger19/426
Necklace, Shaman's, Pendant19/368
Horn, Single19/352
Labret, Oval19/322
Amulet, Fish, Wako19/274
Amulet, Eagle19/264
Amulet, Shaman's Charm19/262
Doll (Body Only)19/249
Doll Head19/241
Paint Stone, Brown19/236
Axe19/127 *