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Bentwood Box3641/1 a-b
Toy SpoonE/1913 E
Toy SpoonE/1913 D
Toy SpoonE/1913 C
Toy SpoonE/1913 B
Robe, DancingE/1502
Carvings (2), SalmonE/706 B
Cribbage Game Board3432/1 a-f
Halibut Hook3460/1
Halibut Hook3460/2 a-b
Snowshoes (Pair)19/637 B
Snowshoes (Pair)19/637 A
Pendants16.1/273 C
Pendants (2)16.1/273 A
Belt16/336 C
Legging16/336 A
Earrings, Fur SealE/2575 B
Earrings, Fur SealE/2575 A
Earrings (Pair)E/508 B
The Three Chiefs - Piegan3315/1
Rush Mat "Kot"E130969-0
Poncho, Coat, Decorated16.1/1434
Carving, Canoe Prow Ornament16/688
Spoon, FeastE/270
Basket and lidE423982-0
LeggingE/1109 B
LeggingE/1109 A
Halibut HookE436193-0
Paddles, Canoe, Painted19/1266 A
Arrow With Iron Barb19/1169 F
Robe, Waist, Shaman's19/1047
Skirt, Shredded Cedar BarkNWC/0171
Wand, Hand Piece, Shaman'sE/2000 B
Toy BasketE/1913 A
Kachina Figure3255/3
Paint Set, Case, 2 BrushesNWC/0182
Paint Stone, BlackNWC/0181
Paint Dish, Or MortarNWC/0180
Arm Band3295/40 a-b
Model Totem Pole3325/1
Basket, Coiled50.2/6341
Bag, Twined50.2/5206
Basket, Small, With Lid50.2/5203
Corn Husk Bag50.2/5170
Corn Husk Bag50.2/5167
Knife Case50.2/5131