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Spear Barb, With LineE/554
Spear BarbE/553
Spear Head And CaseE/551
Bark Cutting ApparatusE/515
Powder ChargerE/492
Spear Barb (Broken)E/474
Spear BarbE/472
Headdress, DefensiveE/456
Musical InstrumentE/376
Trap Stick, Wolf HeadE/324
Hair OrnamentE/321
Bowl, DuckE/258
Club, KillingE/253
P IP EE/225
P IP E, PorpoiseE/224
Amulet, ScratcherE/143
Amulet, ScratcherE/142
Musical InstrumentE/136
P IP E, Wolf HeadE/131
P IP E, Water HenE/130
War ClubE/121
Skin DresserE/104
Skin DresserE/103