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Stone Object - Sloping Grip MaulE378199-0
Pair Of MoccasinsE20817-0
Carved Post 1E233494-0
Painted Room Partition - House ScreenE233498D-0
Hair Skin Tinder-Case, Fire Stone, Carved ClaspE20861-0
Feast SpoonE224420-0
Face Paint Material 1E233497-0
Shaman's HairpinE233478-1
Feast SpoonE224420D-0
Ancient Copper Bracelets (1 Pair)E19529-0
Headdress Or HelmetE233493-0
Seal And Fish ClubE224418-0
Native Cord From Spruce RootsE20860-0
Buckskin PurseE20810-0
Child's DishE20858-0
Shaman's Box/A & Contents/B-CE233477-0
Stone KnivesE127733-0
Horn Spoon, Carved HandleE11387-0
Painted Room Partition - House ScreenE233498B-0
Painted Room Partition - House ScreenE233498C-0
Headband 1E233484-0
Dancing Girdle, Cedar Bark Dyed RedE72701-0
Fishhooks 4E233489-0
Bone Spearhead 2E127768-0
Headdress Or MaskE233479-0
Iron Hair-Pin Of Stikine Indian DoctorE19528-0
Feast SpoonE224420B-0
Bone Dagger 1E233483-0
Bone Dagger 1E233482-0
Shoulder BlanketE20805-0
Stone ObjectE378200-0
Feast SpoonE224420C-0
Painted Room Partition - House ScreenE233498A-0
Stone MortarE378201-0
Bear Paws, Dried OrnamentalE9530B-0
Basket 1E233496-0
Wooden Comb 1E233481-0
Childs Square Box For GreaseE20854-0
Basket 1E233500-0
Headdress Or MaskE233492-0
Woman's KnifeE127726-1
Wooden Mask.E73800-0
Childs Square Box For GreaseE20853-0
Woman's KnifeE127726-0
Wooden Box DrumE233491-0
Feast SpoonE224420A-0