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Girl's Leggings2015.57.111a,b
Blanket Strip2015.57.66
She Loved Her People2014.146.1
Resilience Robe Pattern Board2013.43.1
Raven to Sun Transformation Costume2009.1.22a-c
Kodoyampeh and the Creation of Plants and Animals # II93.58.22
Bodies of My Bodies92.207
Tipi Door89.52.37
Saddle Bag or Drape87.88.36
Mask, Raven Of Kwewoxa'we16/8533
Flat Bag2012.126.60
Flat Bag2012.126.59
After Boarding School: In Mourning2012.100.1
Horse Cuff2012.97.26
Kachina Doll (Salamopea Thleana)03.325.4662
Kachina Doll2010.6.2
Beaded Saddle46.78.7
Great Lakes Girls2009.1a-b
Pair of Beaded Arm Bands32.2099.32582a-b
Basket | Tumpline1-1261
Headdress | Frontlet2312
Mask part | Sea Monster Back Mask2.5E671
Petroglyph Rubbing2000-119/5
Petroglyph Rubbing2.5E567