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Gun Charger60/5824
Needle Case60/5823
Ivory (Piece)60/5804
Harpoon Foreshafts (2)60/5793 AB
Carving, Animal Head60/5711
Model, Knife60/5710
Carving, Block Of Snow60/5709
Carving, Snow Wall60/5708
Carving, Snow Wall60/5707
Carving, Bird60/5704
Carving, Man60/5702
Carving, Man60/5701
Carving, Man60/5699
Carving, Man60/5696
Carving, Man60/5695
Carving, Animal60/5694
Carving, Sledge And Dog60/5691 AD
Ivory Carving, Fish60/5690
Carving, Fish60/5689
Carving, Fish60/5688
Carving, Fish60/5687
Carving, Musk Ox60/5686
Carving, Whale60/5684
Carving, Whale60/5683
Toggle, Small60/5676
Ivory Piece, Perforated60/5673
Harpoon Head60/5667
Bone And Ivory Pieces (12)60/5666
Ivory Piece, Perforated60/5654
Bone Piece, Perforated60/5653
Harpoon Hand Support60/5652
Knife Handle, Small?60/5636
Harpoon Head (Part)60/5633
Harpoon Head (Part)60/5632
Upper End Of Harpoon60/5629
Harpoon Hand Support60/5627
Fish Decoy60/5625
Bow Drill Mouthpiece60/5624
Harpoon Head, Fragment60/5617
Harpoon Head (Part)60/5602
Spear Barb60/5599
Narwhale Horn, Small60/5596
Narwhale Horn, Small60/5595
Seal Hunter's Girdle/Pegs60/5587
Seal Peg60/5586
Seal Peg60/5585
Seal Peg60/5584
Seal Peg60/5583
Seal Peg60/5582
Swivel (Part)60/5581
Harpoon Rest? Or Bodkin60/5580
Harpoon Shaft (2 Pieces)60/5557 AB
Harpoon Foreshaft60/5553
Harpoon Foreshaft60/5549
Harpoon Foreshaft60/5548
Harpoon Foreshaft60/5547
Harpoon Foreshaft60/5545
Harpoon Foreshaft60/5544
Harpoon Foreshaft60/5542
Knife Handle60/5536
Clasp For Harpoon Line60/5521
Hook For Coiled Line60/5520
Hook For Coiled Line60/5519
Harpoon Line Catch60/5518
Arrow Shaft Straightener, Part60/5516
Marlin Spike60/5514
Harpoon Line Attachment60/5511
Harpoon Head, Small60/5509
Harpoon Head, Small60/5508
Harpoon Head, Small60/5507
Harpoon Head, Small60/5506
Harpoon Head (No Point)60/5504
Deer Spear (Part)60/5502
Spear Head? Foreshaft?60/5492
Carved Quiver Handle60/5484
Fish Decoy60/5471
Eye For Buckle60/5470
Eye For Dog Harness60/5469
Seal Decoy, Toggle?60/5468
Model, Harpoon60/5465
Model, Harpoon60/5464
Toggle, Small60/5463
Spear Head60/5446
Seal Line Holder And60/5398
Harpoon Head, Small60/5395
Attachment For Line60/5392
Awl Or Creaser60/5388
Ivory Creaser60/5384
Arrow Point60/5383
Toggle Or Buckle?60/5371
Mouthpiece For Seal F LOA T60/5365
Ivory Needle60/5361
Support For Coil Of Line60/5360