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Ivory P IP E Bowl60/6805
Ivory P IP E Bowl60/6804
Blubber Hook60/6779
Harpoon Foreshaft60/6776
Harpoon Foreshaft60/6775
Harpoon Foreshaft60/6774
Teeth/Various Implements60/6772 B-K
Bow Drill And Mouthpiece60/6765 AB
Harpoon With Line, Head60/6761 AB
Coat, Man's60/6752
Needle Case And Accessories60/6743
Needle Case And Accessories60/6716
Snow Knife60/6666
Spear Point Or Lance Point60/6635
Catch For Harpoon Line60/6633
Catch For Harpoon Line60/6632
Supports For Harpoon60/6629 AB
Object, Perforated60/6621
Fragment, Perforated60/6620
Harpoon Head, Fragment60/6619
Harpoon Head, Fragment60/6618
Forked And Perforated Model60/6616
Carving, Seal60/6612
Model, Knife60/6607
Catch For Harpoon Line60/6599
Sealing Harpoon60/6565 AB
Model, Harpoon Head60/6548
Model, Harpoon Head60/6547
Model, Harpoon Head60/6546
Model, Snow Knife60/6544
Foreshaft, Model60/6543
Foreshaft, Model60/6542
Foreshaft, Model60/6541
Blubber Knife Point60/6540
Button For Seal F LOA T60/6539
Blow Piece For Seal F LOA T60/6538
Blow Piece For Seal F LOA T60/6537
Ear Ornament?60/6533
Hair Ornament60/6532
Bead, Cylindrical60/6528
Socketed Device, Decorated60/6523
Ivory Device60/6522
Catch For Harpoon Line60/6521
Knife Point, Back60/6511
Harpoon Head, Decorated60/6498