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Belt16/336 C
Legging16/336 A
Arrow With Iron Barb19/1169 F
Paint Set16.1/1250 ABC
Legging, Dance16.1/1199 B
Legging, Dance16.1/1199 A
Hair Ornament16.1/909
Hair Ornament16.1/908
Hair Ornament16.1/907
Hair Ornament16.1/906
Hair Ornament16.1/905
Hair Ornament16.1/904
Legging16.1/867 A
Crown, Doctor's16.1/832
Pipe Bag3239/1
Quillwork Panel3239/4
Quillwork Box3261/119 a-b
Tobacco Pouch3194/14
Snare, Ground SquirrelE/2185 A
Ptarmigan SnareE/1387 A
Arrow With Iron Barb19/1169 B
Pipe Bag2015.57.117
Horse Breast Collar2015.57.97
Pipe Bag2015.57.84
Pipe Bag2015.57.83
Eagle Bag2015.57.75
Belt with Awl Case and Pouch2015.57.74
Hand Bag2015.57.70a,b
Pipe Bag2015.57.68
Fringed Bag2015.57.61
Child's Vest2015.57.57
Pipe Bag2015.57.56
Boy's Lizard Amulet2015.57.55
Umbilical Amulet2015.57.40
Toy Pipe Bag2015.57.30
Tobacco Bag2015.57.15
Pipe Bag2015.57.13
Tobacco Bag2015.57.11
Awl and Awl Case2015.57.4a,b
Boy's Vest and Pants2014.151.1a,b
Porcupine Quill Basket2014.56.1
Man's Coat2014.14.11