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Woman's Fur PantsE1701-1
Packing BoxE7830-1
Pair Of BootsE7724-0
Pair Woman's Parka & TrousersE1073-0
Model Of Summer LodgeE1737-0
Fire BagE7730-0
Soles Of Man's Seal Skin BootsE3985-0
Sled ModelE7472-0
Packing BoxE7832-0
Harpoon HeadsE7440-0
Man's Winter Boots (1 Pair)E3980-0
Model Of KayakE2230-0
Polar Bear Skin MittensE1091-0
Man's Smoking PipeE2064-0
2 Odd Gloves, Fur InsideE7647-0
Ivory LampE2148-0
Smoking PipeE5123-0
Bow ModelE7489-0
Wooden Snow GogglesE1650-0
Arrow ToolkitE7439-0
Assorted Fish HooksE5117-0
Snow GogglesE7733-0
Bone BraceletE2078-0
Polar Bear Skin MittensE1084-0
Hairpiece: Rolls And "Switches" Of Human HairE7732-0
Spear RestE7430-0
Winter Lamp TravelingE2071-0
Bow ModelE7486-0
Boot UpperE7648-0
Bow Model And QuiverE7483-0
Bow Tools: Marlinspike And Sinew TwistersE7445-0
Woman's Dance MittensE5135-0
Moose Skin Lasso Or LineE7492-0
Skin Of Young BeaverE131096-0
Fish Hooks With Stone SinkersE5118-0
Series Of PicturesE2545-0
Whalebone Fishing Lines & HooksE2197-0
Snow GogglesE2147-0
Pipe StickE2266-0
Man's ParkaE1710-0
Man's Gloves (1 Pair)E1665-0
Bow, Arrows, And Quiver For FishingE7480-0
Man's Gloves (1 Pair)E1716-0
Boy's Tobacco PipeE1659-0
Hunting Whistle Or CallE7452-0
Woman's Needle CaseE1647-0
Outer Clothing, 2 PiecesE2051-0
Model Of Seal SpearE1678-0
Kayak Spear RestE1118-0
Model Of Kayak, Paddles And EquipmentE7477-0
Spear RestE1672-0
Seal SpearsE2092-0
Bow Drill SpindleE7465-0
Packing BoxE7833-0
Model Woman's ParkaE5137-0
Pair Of Men's BootsE7723-0
Man's Wolverine MittensE5133-0
Fish DartsE2674-0
Bone OrnamentsE7436-0
Case Or Quiver For ArrowsE7482-0
Fish Line And HookE2239-0
Boy's ParkaE1731-0
Kayak ModelE1097-0
Man's MittensE1704-0
Bears Feet Moccasins 1 Pr.E131095-0
Assorted Fish HooksE2093-0
Hide LineE529-0
Pair Of MittensE7639-0
Boy's Caribou Hide RobeE1064-0
Copper BraceletsE2070-0
Bow ModelE7488-0
Man's Hide SocksE5136-0
Packing BoxE7833-1
Sled ModelsE7473-0
Fish Line And HookE2240-0
Infant's Capuchin Or HoodE1688-0
Small KnifeE5813-0
Trade Skins Of White Weasel-ErmineE131098-0
Fire BagE7725B-0
Fish HookE1652-0
Drilling Tools (4)E2237-0
Snowshoe (2)E7471-0
Smoking PipeE5125-0