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Blanket (Ku-cha-ko-ha-na) or Cape (aduu)04.297.5314
Chief's Cape16/360
Striped Cape (Aduu) or Blanket05.588.7170
Bark CapeE1291-0
Short Cape Or RobeE1296B-0
Bark Mantle & CapeE1207-0
Cape Worn In Wet WeatherE1290-0
Medicine Man's Cape With RattlesE20922-0
Cedar Bark CapeE361313-0
Buckskin CapeE11384-0
Medicine Man's Dancing CapeE20900-0
Blanket Or CloakE129985-0
Short Cape Or RobeE1296-0
Bark Blanket Trimmed With FurE56447-0
Cellulose Fiber Skirt Or CapeET12850-0
Woven Cedar Bark CapeE361033-0
Cloak Woolen YarnsE129987-0
Dancing Cape Of Red Blanket - Button Blanket Or RobeE89198-0
Cedar Bark And Fur CapeET23397-0
Cedar Bark Cape / BlanketET666-0
Bark CapeE23380-0
Dancing Cape Of Blue BlanketE89197-0
Cedar Bark Cape1988-1/90A
Cedar Bark Cape1-185
Cedar Bark Cape6975
Cedar Bark Cape1-163
Cedar Bark Cape1-184
Cedar Bark Cape142
Cedar Bark Cape1-183
Cedar Bark Cape2002-90/4
Cedar Bark Cape2002-90/3
Cedar Bark Cape2002-90/2
Cedar Bark Cape2002-90/1
Cedar Bark Cape4794
Cape, Squirrel Skin16.1/2488
Cape, Squirrel Skin16.1/2487
Cape, Squirrel Skin16.1/2486
Cape, Cedarbark16.1/1433
Cedar Bark CapeE55800A-0
CapeE 1910.32
CapeN2.1162 b
Cantonese Opera Cape1743/1 f
CapeN2.1162 a
Rain CapeN2.1014