About the institution

The Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) is committed to the scholarly study of the material evidence of past cultures. The study of these materials is an essential part of the Laboratory’s responsibility to further knowledge of the past. The Laboratory also recognizes the rights of descendants and originating peoples and is committed to dealing sensitively and responsibly with the First Nations groups on the care and disposition of these materials.

The Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) is an autonomous research and teaching unit of the Department of Anthropology created by the late Dr. Charles (Carl) Borden (often referred to as “the father of B.C. archaeology”) in 1949. LOA is also actively engaged with public education, the curation of exisiting collections and frequent requests from B.C. First Nations and Bands for information about the collections and repatriation.

Since 1977 the Laboratory has occupied space in both the Anthropology & Sociology Building (ANSO) and the Museum of Anthropology (MOA). The ANSO building houses faculty offices and research areas, GIS laboratory, archaeological soil and midden samples, image collections, and field gear. LOA facilities located in the Museum (MOA) accommodate collections storage, the undergraduate teaching laboratory, the Archaeology Reading Room, and faculty research bays for analysis of collections. Collections include artifacts, field documentation, faunal comparative collection, and botanical comparative collection.

The Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) policies and procedures describe the handling of cultural materials and human remains in LOA’s care at all stages of collection, research, reporting of results, access, and repatriation.

Visit the Lab of Archaeology on the web at http://www.anth.ubc.ca/Laboratory_of_Archaeology__LOA.9769.0.html.

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The RRN contains 317,559 items from the Lab of Archaeology. Items from the Lab of Archaeology have been available on the RRN since launch. Since then, their items have been viewed on the RRN 22,601 times. Data from the Lab of Archaeology was last updated September 29, 2019.

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