About the institution

Located within the Department of First Nations Studies at Simon Fraser University, the Bill Reid Centre is devoted to the study Northwest Coast art as the visual embodiment of a broad cultural development occurring since the end of the last Ice Age.

A major activity of the Centre is to visually document through photographs, drawings and other works, the depth and richness of Northwest Coast art in the hundreds of communities in which it was recorded and where it continues to thrive today.

Visit the Bill Reid Centre on the web at http://www.sfu.ca/brc.html.

Bill Reid Centre on the RRN

The RRN contains 5,809 items from the Bill Reid Centre. Items from the Bill Reid Centre have been available on the RRN since November 13, 2014. Since then, their items have been viewed on the RRN 4,834 times. Data from the Bill Reid Centre was last updated February 25, 2024.

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