About the institution

The Museum’s permanent collection started in 1958 when the first Chilliwack Museum was opened in a room in the local police station. The founders of the historical society had deep roots in the community. Brothers Oliver Wells and Casey Wells were the grandsons of A.C. Wells who settled on a farm in Sardis in 1865. As amateur historians and anthropologists they left us with our foundation collection, biographies of early settlers, interviews with Sto:lo elders, oral histories from a wide variety of people and much more.

Their influence was profound and helped propel the museum and archives on a course that continues today.The holdings of the museum and archives have expanded greatly since those early days but the spirit of the Wells brothers still guides the staff in daily decision-making.

Since 1958 the Museum has moved several times. The current configuration has the Museum housed in the City’s former City Hall building while the object storage and Chilliwack Archives are housed in a municipally owned structure three blocks from the museum. The Museum and Archives are governed by the Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society. The Board of Trustees are elected at a yearly annual general meeting. We dream of a new facility where the museum and archives can share the same roof.

Visit the Chilliwack Museum & Archives on the web at http://www.chilliwackmuseum.ca/.

Chilliwack Museum & Archives on the RRN

The RRN contains 135 items from the Chilliwack Museum & Archives. Items from the Chilliwack Museum & Archives have been available on the RRN since December 17, 2014. Since then, their items have been viewed on the RRN 353 times. Data from the Chilliwack Museum & Archives was last updated June 9, 2024.

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