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AMEC Analysis: Part: Whole Neck Finish: Lipping Tool Decoration: Embossed Manufacture Method: Hand-made Bottom hinge Comments: This is a cure-all product. One brown glass medical bottle with monarch or erie oval base and flat or patent finish. Seams run up two opposing sides from base to shoulder. Seams rubbed out at neck, indicative of hand finishing. Embossed Makers Mark: "OZOMULSION" Maker's mark indicates the bottle was made by T.A. Slocum Company at 68 Pine Street in New York City. Dried remnants on inside of bottle. Two-part upside down Y-shaped crack on back panel of bottle. J. Dougherty 01/21/2010

Collection Owner

Owned by The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

Geographical Search Terms

King County North America Northwest Coast Puget Sound Washington State Western United States Western Washington

Credit Line

Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

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