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Modified hemispherical grey-brownware bowl with band of incised decoration around the exterior rim, just below the lip. The incised band goes around just over half of the circumference of the rim, and features two stylized, elongated fox figures facing left. In the wide inter-space between the ends of the incised band there are traces of negative painted dots and traces of red pigment. The bowl has been broken and repaired, and there are a few small pieces missing.


During the Middle Paracas Period (Dawson’s phase 9) the Teojate style had shown little influence of the "Trophy Head Cult" that dominated the culture of Ocucaje. In Late Paracas (Phase 10) Teojate conservatism continued but the style became increasingly abstract and curvilinear in response to trends at Ocucaje that were to lead to the emergence of the Nazca style.

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