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Parka style inner and outer coat set. Both are hooded with front centre openings, secured with zippers. Outer coat is made of light blue synthetic material, unlined. Inner coat made of white wool, lined with dark blue silk-like fabric. Two large pockets, with deeply curved openings, on either side of outer coat. Cuffs and bottom edge are trimmed with Delta Braids. Ribbon is light yellow, bordered with red along the top and brown along the bottom. Repeating pattern of green squares framing a dark purple rectangle throughout centre of yellow band. Repeating pattern of three birds embroidered along cuffs and bottom edge of inner coat. Standing pink and green birds face one another with a purple bird in between, facing forward. Wings and legs are highlighted dark green, red and light green. On the chest, on either side of the centre opening, are standing red birds with dark yellow highlights, facing one another. Cuffs, bottom edge and hood of inner coat are trimmed with white fox fur. Manufacturer's mark stamped to exterior of the inner coat's hood.


Hollett was living in Yellowknife in 1977, working as a teacher. One of her students was from Holman Island and she commissioned the student's mother (on Holman Island) to make this parka. It has the Holman Island Co-op label on it because it was commissioned through a store in Yellowknife that worked with the Holman Co-op. The donor had specified to the maker that she would like Delta Braid and white fox fur as part of the design. (The maker's name was not recorded.)

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