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Associate Professor Emeritus Jan J. Solecki taught Russian Language and the Economics of the Soviet Union in the Department of Slavonic Studies at UBC from 1964 – 1984. Solecki was born in Miantukhe, Inner Mongolia and received an internationl education in Harbin, Hong Kong, London, Vancouver, and Seattle. He served in the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps 1941-1946 and was a Japanese Prisoner of War in Hong Kong (1941-1943) and in Japan (1943-1945). In 1998, he wrote Escape to Life, an account of the efforts of Chinese patriots to liberate inmates from a Japanese experimental medical camp in Northern China. Solecki also wrote a book of eleven short stories presenting his experiences as a fighter and prisoner of war in Hong Kong and Japan and other life experiences, entitled "Bitter Cherries."

Born: c. 1919
Died: 2011