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Norman Tait was born May 20, 1941 in Kincolith. His crest affiliation is eagle-beaver. He studied under Frieda Diesing, his father Josiah Tait and Gerry Marks, and was influenced by Bill Reid and Joe David. In 1973, Norman and Josiah Tait were commissioned to carve a commemorative pole for the town of Port Edward. His second large pole was erected in Port Simpson in 1975. He participated in the restoration of the Museum's Eagle-Halibut pole (A50020). In addition to carving, Tait also works in metals and silkscreen prints. Exhibitions include The Legacy and Norman Tait Nishga Carver (UBC MOA Nov. 1, 1977 - Jan. 31 1978). He participated in the carving of 2 canoes which were paddled from Prince Rupert to Kincolith in 1981, and in 1982 his 55' pole was raised at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Born: 1941-05-20
Died: 2016-05-21