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Rev. George Stallworthy was an LMS (London Missionary Society) missionary. Born, August 16, 1809, at Preston Bissett, near Buckingham. Studied at Homerton College. Ordained, October 3, 1833, at Ramsgate. Appointed to the Marquesas. Arrived at Tahiti, March 1834. Fall 1834 he arrived at St. Christina and settled at Vaitahu. In December, 1841, left those islands, in the ‘Camden,’ and arrived at Tahiti, December 13, going to Papaoa. In February 1844 he joined the Samoan Mission at Falealisi, Upolu. There he married his first wife, Charlotte Burnett Wilson (the daughter of Charles Wilson, an LMS missionary), who died 18 months later. In March 1846, Mr. Stallworthy left Samoa by the appointment of the Directors, to visit Tahiti; he returned to Samoa at the close of August. In October 1847 he married Mary Ann Darling in Apia. (She was also the daughter of an LMS missionary.) In 1858, Mr. Stallworthy visited the New Hebrides, Loyalty Islands, and Niue, and afterwards, Fakaofo, one of the Tokelau group. In January 1859, Stallworthy moved to Malua, to replace someone temporarily in the Seminary there, however he died in November of that year. His wife and children left, to Tahiti, and then carried on to Sydney, Australia, and then on to England.

Born: 1809
Died: 1859