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From Winnipeg, Iris went to Ireland to visit relatives when she was 20, for a few months and then to London for four years, during which time she witnessed the funeral of George V1, and the Coronation of Elizabeth II from her office in Trafalgar Square. Iris left London in 1953 when offered a job in Toronto. In 1957 she joined Holt Renfrew and studied commerce at the University of Toronto. She was later transferred to their head office in Montreal, where she met her husband Jack. She joined her husband when he went to Nigeria in 1965, with CIDA. While Jack lectured at the University of Ibadan, Iris managed the West African Journal of Education. In August 1970 they went to Papua New Guinea. Jack was researching village communities in and around Goroka, where he was lecturing under the auspices of UNESCO at the Goroka Teachers College. Iris managed the McCarthy Museum as well as actively participating in the management of Sinaki Giri Giri's (Minister of Posts and Telegraphs) coffee plantation and trade stores. On returning to Montreal, Iris rejoined Holt Renfrew where she held various controller positions. In 1984 when Jack retired from teaching, they moved to Toronto. Iris retired in 1993.

Born: 1928
Died: 2019-11-15