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Elwitt was a Wolf Clan member of Kitselas, house of Laxtiihl. His father was chief of the house of Taxhayaa and of the Killerwhale clan of Kitselas. By c. 1891 he was married to Isabella Cecil (c. 1852-1935; also from the house of Taxhayaa) and living in Port Essington. Sometime before 1917 they moved back to Kitselas, where he died in 1919. Elwitt was a prolific artist and produced a variety of model totem poles, napkin rings, spoons and, at least some, ceremonial objects. He was particularly fond of carving in hardwoods, most frequently maple. He is mainly known to have sold his work through the communities of Port Essington, Prince Rupert and Port Simpson, BC.

Born: c. 1834
Died: 1919