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Haa’yuups (Hupquatchew; Ki-ke-in; Kwayatsapalth; Chuuchkamalthnii; Ron Hamilton) is a member of the Hupacasaht tribe (Nuu-chah-nulth), and a renowned Nuu-chah-nulth artist, historian, activist, and cultural practitioner. His maternal side goes back to the Hee-koolth-aht tribe and his father's side is from the Kyuquaht tribe, however, both parents were born in Opetchesaht. He said, "I have been painting designs in a serious way since 1965. George Clutesi, Henry Speck, Henry Hunt, Cha-Latas, and Joe David have all influenced my designing" (personal statement, MOA library). Hamilton apprenticed with Henry Hunt in 1971 and until 1974 worked as a carver with the B.C. Provincial Museum. He then returned home to expand his knowledge on West Coast ritual and song. His work can be found in a number of public collections in Canada.

Born: 1948