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John Edward Horatio Steegmann (later Steegman) was born on 10 Dec. 1899. He was educated at Clifton College, and served in the Royal Field Artillery for a short time before going to King's College in 1919. He graduated in 1921 with an Ordinary Degree in History and Modern Languages. After a few years of travelling tutorships and work as an art and drama critic, he was employed at the National Portrait Gallery from 1926-1945, with a short break during the war years when he was lecturing for the British Council and organised the Sala de l'Alianca at the Lisbon Centenaries Exhibition. From 1945 he was Keeper of the Department of Art at the National Museum of Wales, then in 1952 he became Director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. After his resignation in 1959 he spent half of each year travelling and lecturing abroad and half of the year in London entertaining friends. He died on 15 April 1966 at Coffinswell, Devon.

Born: 1899
Died: 1966