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Print showing an interior scene of a crouching or sitting woman, wearing brown, orange, and blue and white patterned robes, holding something up against her right cheek. Screens with grey landscapes depicted, patterned fabrics decorate the interior, including a flowered robe with black background and a nearby black floral patterned screen. A banner hangs behind her, showing a man in a blue and white robe. Mounted. Adhesive tape along top edge of mount. Paper label adhered at bottom right.


This print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (歌川国芳) is titled, Mitate Danjurō Arashi Rikan (見立 団三郎 嵐璃寛; Kabuki actor Arashi Rikan as Danjurō) from the series, Yakusha kidori hiiki biiki (役者寄取贔屓びゐき; Index of favorite actors showing off), originally published around 1840. The series title appears on the right, and the print title appears above the male kabuki actor figure. The print does not have the artist’s signature but has has a circular black censor seal known as kiwame-in (極印).

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