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Multi-piece ceramic sculpture of a black ship hull with a crushed can, twisted product tube, log, and pitted sphere bolted onto it (part a). The can and product tube are black; tube has a red cap. The log is grey and dark brown, and covered with a small black blanket; olive green sphere, representing COVID-19, is perched on top of blanket. Additional components rest on the hull and sit around it; additional pieces are: small, crushed olive green can (part b), small, crushed black can (part c), grey pitted COVID-19 sphere (part d), and a dark brown flower with a wilted stem (part e). Ship hull, cans, and green sphere are glazed; rest of sculpture is painted.


Sculpture was featured in the artist's exhibit "All Consuming" at the Craft Council Gallery, Granville Island. Artist statement: 2022-- we thought the pandemic would be over and that life would return to normal. Now, half-way through the year, the pandemic still ravages the unsuspecting and unprotected-- in both the developed and developing world. Climate disasters still loom unaddressed; economic forecasts are ambivalent, and war has broken out in Ukraine. The times call for our attention, but that is in short supply as distractions multiply. [...] My exhibition "All Consuming" raises issues of consumption, waste, and the global circulation of consumer forms resembling crushed cans, bottles, product tubes, and logs, arranged as an armada on a table top. Spherical forms recalling the Covid virus refer to the catastrophe that has engulfed the world, pointing to connections between the global circulation of goods, environmental degradation, and disease. Other sculptures incorporate ceramic containers, logs, branches, flowers, and simulated scraps of plastic. These sit on shelves suggesting shorelines or surrounding land. [...] Ceramic cans, tubes, bottles, and similar detritus are strewn throughout. [...] "All Consuming" acknowledges the allure of "stuff", and questions our ability to change in the face of environmental crisis.

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