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Fred was the son of Alfred Marmaduke "Duke" Wastell, who was born in Ontario in 1872 and came to British Columbia in 1897. In 1909, Duke went to Alert Bay to take charge of lumbering and box-making for the B.C. Fishing and Packing Company. Wastell later served in several public offices, including Justice of the Peace, Stipendiary Magistrate, Small Debts Court Magistrate and Juvenile Court Judge. Wastell also named and established the small community of Telegraph Cove on his land holdings. Fred Wastell spent about 50 years of his life in Telegraph Cove, BC, as the owner of the sawmill. Telegraph Cove was a coastal enclave only accessible by boat, but by 1956 Wastell had managed to put in a road to connect the community to the rest of Vancouver Island.

Born: 1900
Died: 1985