Use the Learn More Links

Learn More links appear as part of your search results where you can add Information, Translations and Map locations about broad categories like people, places and object groups on the RRN. They contain information like descriptions, other objects related to the category, and when concerning a specific place, the learn more links will also show the location.

Learn More Links also allow users to update the information about the category concerned. You can also add your own information, references and attachments.

Read more about Learn More Links in the Help Manual.

Try it!: Try looking for the Learn More link about Vancouver and adding information.

  1. First, search for items made near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada using the Search Filters.
  2. Click on the word Vancouver in your search results sentence in the left hand corner of your search results page, or on your search page.
  3. View the information previously added about Vancouver. You can see what items are associated with, created in and collected near Vancouver under Information.
  4. Click on Submit Information to add your knowledge about Vancouver. Learn more submitting information.
  5. Add a file, pdf or image by clicking on add attachment under Attach Files.
  6. Add a Translation or Alternate Name for Vancouver by clicking on Add Translation. Choose the language, name, literal and free translation and click Submit.
  7. Update the map location of Vancouver (or other places) by clicking on the map tab and placing the red marker where you know Vancouver is located.
  8. Click Update position, and the page will now show that Vancouver is located where you’ve specified.

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