Share Knowledge about an Item

If you have some knowledge about how an object was used or where it is from, you can submit your information and allow the Holding Institution (where the object is physically located) to view this information. To submit information, scroll down to the bottom of the Item Record page.

Although the Holding Institution may have seen your knowledge, the changes may not appear until the RRN performs a scheduled update from the institution’s data. There is no guarantee that the information you provide will be updated by the Holding Institution. If the issue is of a serious nature, you can contact them directly by viewing the institution’s page.

Try it!: When you have some information to submit, simply follow these steps.

  1. Click on Share Knowledge button at the bottom of the item record page.

In the Content section that drops down, you will be asked to fill in a number of fields.

  • Subject: This is used as a title for your submission, simply type in a few descriptive words about your knowledge.
  • What are you submitting?: Simply choose the option that best describes your submission.
  • Information: This space is where you can type the body of your information. You can format your text and add special First Nations language characters to type your knowledge how you would like it displayed.
  • References: Let others know how you came to know this piece of information. It could be from a family member, an academic book, interviews and more.
  • Choose a Level of Copyright: You can select the level of copyright you wish to attribute to your knowledge. You can allow people to use your information if they ask your permission or you may simply allow others to use it freely if they give you credit.
  • Attach Files: You can upload files to your knowledge, by browsing your files and adding them as attachments to your information. This could be a photo, word document, PDF or anything relevant to your information.
  • Agreement: You must agree to the RRN Terms of Use to submit any knowledge to the RRN. You must also agree that the information you submit is respectful.

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