Creating a Project

Projects are useful when you need to combine groups of items to do research, plan an exhibit, or collaborate with other people. Projects provide you with a private space in which to conduct research.

  1. Click on your Selection Box in the bar at the bottom of the screen
  2. If you see items in the selection, click the Save button in the Selection Box menu. If your Selection Box is empty, see Getting Started: Selecting and Saving Items.
  3. You now have the option to save the items to an existing Project or to save them to a new Project. Click the Save to New Project tab.

You should now see a form that lets you customize your project.

  1. Give your project a name and a description
  2. Now choose which items you want to include from your Selection Box by clicking the Let me choose which items to include option
  3. Set the Project privacy to “Private” so only you can see your project
  4. Invite someone to join your project by typing their name into the search box in the Members section. See Permissions for more information.
  5. Click the Create Project button and you’re done!

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