Getting Started: Selecting and Saving Items

Your Selected Items Box is used to temporarily keep items you want to work with. You can see the Selection Box on the bar at the bottom of the screen where it says “My Selected Items” and shows the count of how many Items are in the box. Adding items is easy, just click on the Selection Box icon by any item and the item will appear in you selection.

Once there are items in your Selection Box, you can save them to a Project by clicking the Save button. You will be presented with the option to save some or all of the Items to an existing Project, or to create a new Project with them.

If you want to remove an item from the Selection Box, click the item so the checkmark appears. You will notice the Remove Checkmarked button becomes available, as does the Uncheck All button. Click the Remove Checkmarked button and the items will be removed from your selection. A notification that the items have been removed will appear at the top of the screen. If you’ve made a mistake and want to undo, click the undo button that appears in the notification.

Try it!

  1. While viewing a list of Search Results, choose the items you would like to save by clicking on the Selection Box icon on the right hand corner of each item record
  2. You can also click on the store all icon at the bottom of the page to select all items on the page
  3. Click “My Selected Items” at the bottom of the page to see what you’ve selected

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