Invitations and Requests

When a user requests to join your Project, or when you are invited to join a Project, a link will appear in the sidebar of the Projects page. Clicking the link will allow you to see the invitations you have to join other collections and requests that users have made to join your collections.

Request to Join

  1. To request to join a Project, click on the Join Project link next to the name of the collection on the Browse Projects tab.
  2. The manager of that Project will be notified that you would like to join their Project.
  3. To accept a request, click Accept, and choose which level of permission you will allow the user to use: Either, View, View and Collaborate, or View, Collaborate and Manage. See Permissions for more information about permission levels.

Invite to Join

  1. To invite users to a Project, click on Edit Settings and Members in your Project.
  2. Scroll down to find the Members section.
  3. Begin typing the users name you’d like to invite in the space provided, and select their name from the drop down list that appears.
  4. Choose the permission level you would like to grant this user. See Permissions for more information about permission levels.

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