When you invite other RRN members to a Project, you can choose which permissions you will allow each member. You can choose their permissions in either Simple or Advanced modes.

Simple Permissions


Allows the member to see the contents of the Project. A member with View permissions can not see or add to any of the “User Generated Data” such as notes, discussions, or labels.

View and Collaborate

This level of permission allows the member to view all aspects of the Project and allows them to contribute to the collaborative features of the Project. These collaborative features are referred to as “User Generated Data” and include things like notes, discussions and labels.

View, Collaborate, and Manage

Allows members the same permissions as the View and Collaborate permissions, but adds in the ability to Manage the Project. This means the member will be able to edit all of the “User Generated Data” as well delete, edit, and change the Project’s privacy settings.

Advanced Permissions

  1. Click on the Advanced button above the member permissions.
  2. Here, you can allow certain members to access individual features of your Project to fine-tune your permissions.
  3. Tick off which specific actions you will allow the member to perform: View, Discuss, Upload files, Annotate, Add, Remove and Manage.
  4. Click Save Changes.

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